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UK rewards Mark Stoops with another raise

Win and everything else will take care of itself.

For a college football coach, that means your pay days get a little more hefty.

UK athletics director Mitch Barnhardt and the administration in Lexington have rewarded head coach Mark Stoops handsomely as he has increased the Wildcats' win totals in recent years, from two in his inaugural season to ten in 2018 with no year to year decrease in between.

Now going into the season after Kentucky's 10-win year punctuated by a 27-24 victory over Penn State in the Citrus Bowl, there has been another restructuring to Stoops' contract.

From UK's official statement on the new deal:

"The term of the contract is unaffected by the amendment and lasts through June 30, 2025. Total guaranteed compensation for each of the remaining six years on the contract will increase by $500,000 annually. Stoops will have the opportunity to earn $250,000 for each win beginning with the ninth win of each season, but will no longer receive $250,000 for the seventh and eighth win each season as he did previously. The amendment provides for new incentive payments for $50,000 for winning Southeastern Conference Coach of the Year and $100,000 for winning National Coach of the Year. Other incentive payments are unchanged.

"The amendment increases the buyout UK will be owed to $1.75 million should the agreement be terminated with five full seasons remaining on it, $1.65 million if it is terminated with four seasons remaining, $1.55 million if it is terminated with three seasons remaining and $1.5 million if it is terminated with both two seasons and one season remaining. Stoops will have access to up to 10 hours of private aircraft use for personal travel each year per the amendment."