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Roundtable: What else does UK need to add?

Kentucky now has 10 scholarship basketball players lined up for the 2022-23 college season.

We know John Calipari is going into next season with the following players: G Adou Thiero, G Sahvir Wheeler, G CJ Fredrick, G Antonio Reeves, G Cason Wallace, F Chris Livingston, F Jacob Toppin, F Daimion Collins, F Lance Ware, and C Oscar Tshiebwe.

Given all that, what else does Kentucky need to do to line up the best possible roster for next season?

Jeff Drummond: I think UK has a roster that John Calipari could go into the 2022-23 season feeling good about. They're at 10 scholarship guys right now, and it looks like the backcourt is full with five guys there, but I wonder a little bit about who will handle the backup point guard duties. It sounds like Cason Wallace or Antonio Reeves might be able to fill some of that combo role that TyTy Washington had. The frontcourt is a bit thin for my taste, especially after Keion Brooks' likely departure. Another big body would be nice. They kind of got lucky last year, in my opinion, with Oscar Tshiebwe being able to avoid foul trouble. I can't recall more than two or three games where he was in serious danger of fouling out. With all the injuries we've seen around UK basketball in recent years, I think Cal would be wise to extend his roster to at least 11 scholarship players and maybe even 12. Keep that 13th and final scholarship open at all times just in case anything develops where you might need it.

David Sisk: I don’t think John Calipari is in desperate shape to add another player. Of course, if he could bring in a stud that would be great. But if he doesn’t they are probably still a top ten preseason team in 2022-23. If they did make an addition I would like to see them get another big scorer from the perimeter. Antonio Reeves was a step in the right direction. They’ve got ball handling depth it appears, and I like the defenders on the roster. Add a microwave type that could come off the bench. You can’t have enough shooters, but one who is instant offense and could score from at least two levels wouldn’t hurt.

Travis Graf: Kentucky still needs to add a scorer on the perimeter. In theory and on paper, the current roster could be one of the best in the country. Your go-to scorer is transferring up from a mid-major, and CJ Fredrick’s health is always a question mark at this point in his career. I’d look for another multi-level scorer that can create his own offense at the 2 or 3 spot on the perimeter.

Justin Rowland: Assuming they were to go into next year with their current scholarship players minus Sharpe, I think that's a good team that could conceivably get hot at the right time and make a deep run. I like the defensive versatility better than last year, thanks mostly to the freshmen Wallace and Livingston. I'm not crazy about the frontcourt aside from Tshiebwe. I think a stretch four would be outstanding for this team but I'm just not sure that's going to be in the cards for Calipari. I think they need another outside shooter and preferably one who can go for 20 points on a given night, but that's easier to ask for than come by at this point.