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QB Allen recaps busy summer, talks visits and UK's offense

Lexington Catholic (Ky.) quarterback Beau Allen is well-established as one of Kentucky's most important and most wanted Class of 2020 targets and he spent a little time at UK this summer working out with the coaches and building a greater familiarity with the program.

But Kentucky's not the only school he visited.

Allen, the nation's No. 11 pro-style prospect, spoke with Cats Illustrated at length about his travels and what he learned since that camp at Kentucky.

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After camping at Kentucky in early June, when he was able to work with Darin Hinshaw and spend a lot of time with Class of 2019 Kentucky quarterback commitment Nik Scalzo, Allen kept his foot on the gas.

He attended a camp at Michigan, which coincided with a recruiting event the Wolverines hosted for some top prospects. Allen visited and/or camped at Purdue, North Carolina, Duke and South Carolina, all schools that he had mentioned to Cats Illustrated earlier in the summer.

Allen's thoughts on each stop of his summer tour is included here.

Michigan: "I really loved Michigan. I loved the coaches a lot. I got to talk with the offensive coordinator, Coach (Pep) Hamilton, and I had a great time meeting with him. He was extremely nice meeting with me basically all day. I really had a great time at Michigan. I have a great relationship with all the coaches but mostly Coach Hamilton. I have a good relationship with the other assistants there.

"I knew about the tradition at Michigan. Or I thought I knew about it. I didn't really know until I got there. I've never really been in a true pro-style offense, except this year my high school team is doing a little more pro-style stuff. I like (the offense) a lot. They put a lot on the quarterback, which I love. Coach Hamilton has said they really like me and I'm actually going to go up there for the barbecue they're having at the Big House Camp. I plan to participate in that one. I think you can participate or not, but I plan to."

Purdue: "I liked Purdue a lot. I got to talk to both Coach Brohms and I had a really great time coming to understand how they coach and how they work with their quarterbacks. I saw how efficient and explosive their offense is. They really are doing an unbelievable job recruiting, and mostly in Kentucky, too. I plan to talk to the head coach, Coach Brohm, very soon.

"I think what people like about them is they haven't hit their ceiling at all. They're really up-and-coming and the kind of offense, with how efficient it is, is really appealing to people. They can use a lot of bodies. Small receivers, big receivers, fast running backs, big running backs. The offense is probably the most appealing thing about it but their coaches are really good to be around, too."

Duke: "I would say the biggest part about Duke is I really love the coaches there. The atmosphere ... I haven't seen that much like it. The coaches there are just really together. Everybody there is very closely bonded together. I liked Coach Roper, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, and I really liked how he coached. He was very intentional, I would say, and really motivational. I really like how he coaches. I think he could make a lot of guys into great quarterbacks and he'll coach some great offenses. But the main thing about Duke is how the coaches have bonded together. It's a fun-type thing there. Everybody is working as hard as I've ever seen. I went for spring practice there and really enjoyed that, too."

North Carolina: "I liked it a lot. I got to talk to Coach (Keith) Heckendorf a lot. He came to the school. He and I have to build a relationship but I really liked the campus. It's really beautiful there. The city was incredibly nice and I liked the coaches a lot. I did have a good time there."

South Carolina: "I've talked to Coach (Bryan) McClendon a lot and he came to our school, not for spring practice but a little bit after the season. We talked at the camp a little bit and he said we should definitely keep in touch and he'll see how I do this season."


Allen told Cats Illustrated that he's in weekly contact with Kentucky assistant coach Dean Hood, and added, "I really have a great relationship with every coach on their staff."

He pointed out that, in the past, he has been to just about every Kentucky home football game. He plans to attend a lot of games at schools in the area this fall and that will include some trips to Kroger Field again.

Allen attended a cookout in Lexington just a few days after that early June camp in Lexington. That event was also attended by a number of other top in-state and local targets. On that return trip, which was more laid back and allowed for more personal time with the coaches, Allen spoke at greater length with quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw about their schemes and what the coaches are trying to accomplish with the offense.

Allen may be more familiar with Kentucky than any other school actively recruiting him, but he does acknowledge that he's had some serious questions for the Wildcats in the past.

"When I went to that camp at Kentucky, I sat down with Coach (Mark) Stoops, me and my family did," Allen said. "Coach (Eddie) Gran and Coach Hinshaw came in and out during the conversation and I kind of asked, 'If you have a quarterback who can throw on first down, would you and what would that look like?'

"When I talked to Coach Hinshaw, it really came down to what they did when they were at Cincinnati. Looking at their stats there, they were really passing the ball," Allen said. "They've had some great running backs and some really good offensive linemen there (at Kentucky), and that goes to their coaching, too. But they really coach to their personnel. Coach Hinshaw told me there was one season at Cincinnati when they had three different quarterbacks play and they all averaged over 300 yards passing that year. That was big for me and that went a long way because wherever I go, I really want to throw the football."