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Q&A with linebacker commitment Tra Wilkins following this week's visit

Stone Mountain (Ga.) Stephenson outside linebacker Tra Wilkins has been committed to Kentucky for more than a month and he took his second unofficial visit to Lexington earlier this week.

Wilkins was accompanied by Miles Friday, a friend and one of the South's top Class of 2020 running backs, and he spoke about their trip with Cats Illustrated on Wednesday.

Cats Illustrated: So how was your trip to UK, what did you do in town and what did you take away from this visit?

Tra Wilkins: I really just hung out with the coaching staff. We took pictures and stuff. It was just about chilling up there. We just chilled and I showed Miles around a little.

Cats Illustrated: Which coaches did you spend the most time with?

Wilkins: Coach Stoops, Coach House, Coach Smith, the recruiting coordinators and I also spent time with a couple of the players. There was Stanley Garner, and he was just texting me a little bit ago, and two Florida boys.

Cats Illustrated: How did you get along with Stanley?

Wilkins: Me and Stanley, we're cool and we related a lot because I'm going to be an early enrollee. He was just letting me know that once you get there the clock starts and everything gets going fast. He's just letting me know how it is up there.

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Cats Illustrated: What did Stoops talk to you about on the visit?

Wilkins: Me and Coach Stoops was really just talking about how we're doing. How I was doing. How he's waiting for me to come up there in January. He told me I was going to get number seven when I come up there so I was excited to hear that.

Cats Illustrated: What have you been working on improving the most in the offseason before your senior season?

Wilkins: My mindset and my focus, really. I just feel like if I can be more focused I can make this a great season. I'm real focused this summer.

Cats Illustrated: Are you healthy or dealing with any injuries?

Wilkins: No, I'm 100-percent. Ready to go.