Notes: Cats play without Harrow; Cal digs at Duke defense

ATLANTA - Ryan Harrow didn't make the trip to the Georgia Dome for what would eventually be a 75-68 Kentucky loss to Duke, and coach John Calipari isn't sure how much longer his starting point guard could be sidelined.
Calipari said Harrow - who was sick but played in Kentucky's season opener last Friday against Maryland - had blood tests while UK was traveling, so Calipari hadn't heard the results.
"He tried to work out today back home," Calipari said. "We got him with our weight, strength and conditioning (coach) to see if they could get something going. We just don't know."
Harrow started against Maryland but played only 10 minutes. He missed all four of his shots.
"I feel for the kid because he really wants to play," Calipari said. "I shouldn't have played him at Maryland. That was dumb of me. He told me (he)could go and then I could see he had no energy."
Against Maryland, Jarrod Polson was able to fill in. But Polson was planned for and neutralized against Duke, playing 12 minutes with zero points, three fouls and one turnover.
"We need (Harrow)," Calipari said. "It hurt us today. It's obvious. But I want him to be healthy before he comes back."
Calipari caused a stir with his halftime comments in an interview with ESPN.
"They're flopping all over the place," Calipari said of Duke. "In the NBA they would all be suspended."
Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski initially said he was unaware of what Calipari said, but a reporter relayed Calipari's comments.
"He has a right to say whatever he wants," Krzyzewski said. "I thought we took some amazing charges and could have had more. There's a difference between a charge and a flop. A flop means you don't take any contact. I would hope that anybody that watches the game would say our kids really played outstanding defense and were there to take charges."
Krzyzewski took a subtle shot a few minutes later when asked about the impact of Harrow's absence.
"John wants to talk about our defense," Krzyzewski said. "I'll let him talk about his team and not me."
When Calipari was asked about his comments following the game, he demurred.
"I don't even remember," Calipari said. " It was a joke. Come on, you guys at Duke can take a joke, right? Geez. Just kidding."
Wilted Wiltjer
Kyle Wiltjer scored 19 points last week against Maryland. On Tuesday, he appeared to be a focal point of the Duke defense.
Wiltjer had five points on 2-for-5 shooting against the Blue Devils, adding three rebounds and four assists.
"They took him away," Calipari said. "They did a great job of saying he's not getting a shot off, and they were out on him."
Calipari said Wiltjer still is adjusting to an expanded role after averaging 11.6 minutes per game last season.
"He played well against Maryland," Calipari said. "Shot the ball. Well this team said, he's not shooting it. So you gotta do (other things). When you're not making shots or they're not giving you (shots), what else are you going to do to help us win? Today he rebounded. I didn't think he defended that poorly. I'm going to have to watch the tape, but he did some good things."