Kentucky QB situation unsettled again

Turns out the quarterback situation isn't quite settled for Kentucky's game at Mississippi State.
After sophomore Jalen Whitlow injured his ankle against Alabama, it appeared he would be unavailable this Thursday.
That's changed.
Whitlow practiced on Sunday and Monday and progressed over that time span, offensive coordinator Neal Brown said.
"Jalen's worked really hard to get back where I think he's gonna be an option on Thursday," Brown said.
Just how much of an option is unknown.
Sophomore Maxwell Smith has taken the starter's share of the reps since the Alabama game and will continue to do so. But the coaching staff will keep working in Whitlow and assess him up to the game.
"Really, what I'm doing is, we've got a package in for him, and I probably won't be able to tell until later in the week how much of it we're gonna use, or how much we'll be able to use," Brown said. "If he keeps progressing then I think he'll be fine on Thursday."
For now, Smith is listed as the starter. After weeks of being either the backup or part-time starter, Smith said taking all the starter's snaps helped him feel more comfortable running the offense.
"I mean, it feels better," Smith said. "A little more in rhythm."
With both Smith and Whitlow appearing to be available, a decision on pulling redshirts off either sophomore Patrick Towles or freshman Reese Phillips appears to be one Brown won't have to make.
But he did say he has a contingency plan in place should that decision be forced upon him.
"So we've had those discussions," Brown said, "and we've gotten a third quarterback some reps, also."
Brown hopes he won't need a third quarterback -- or a second one.
"In a perfect world, we'd like for one guy to play well," Brown said, "and keep playing."