Kentucky has position-by-position edge

A look at the matchups for Kentucky's game at Indiana Saturday at 5:15 p.m.:
Cats Illustrated staff predictions for Saturday's game:
Brett Dawson, Publisher: Kentucky 77, Indiana 71
Darius Miller told his teammates this week that they're unlikely to face a rowdier crowd than the one at Assembly Hall, and he's right. If the Hoosiers hang around - or jump out to an early lead - the volume and venom in Saturday's game will be unlike anything UK will see this season, and unlike anything its freshmen have seen before. But the narrowing talent gap between the two programs still seems too wide for Indiana to overcome this season. Jones is key. If Indiana can't contain him, its chances at an upset are slim.
Steve Jones, Recruiting Editor: Kentucky 75, Indiana 68
The Cats will encounter a rowdy crowd and very likely could fall behind early, but their superior athletic ability, especially in the backcourt, will eventually catch up to the Hoosiers. Up front, Zeller is a terrific player, but he'll be greatly challenged to score and rebound against the Cats' long athletes.
Ben Jones, Staff Writer: Kentucky 92, Indiana 74
It's the most wonderful time of the year for Kentucky basketball fans. Calipari's teams usually make noticeable improvement with every game early in the season, and the Cats are still riding the momentum of a 73-72 win over North Carolina. Kentucky has also had a full week to prepare for the Hoosiers, so it'll be a shock if they underestimate Tom Crean's best squad yet. Balance is pivotal for both teams. Each has six players averaging at least nine points a game. But Indiana hasn't been truly tested yet, and the sheer ability Davis, Jones and Lamb should prove to be too much. It's hard to find a matchup here that favors Indiana. Until they've proven
otherwise, the Hoosiers still lag far behind in this rivalry.
T.J. Walker, Staff Writer: Kentucky 77, Indiana 67
Although there is still a huge gap in talent, it seems like the Indiana vs. Kentucky rivalry is back. For the first time in a long time Hoosier fans finally believe their team has a chance at beating UK and with an undefeated record and one of that nation's top freshman, national media members are starting to believe the hype. It will be UK's first true road test but it would be a big upset if Indiana could find a way to knock off No1.UK. The crowd can only close the talent gap so much and Indiana's rebounding troubles won't be cured against Jones and Davis. Indiana is a good three point shooting team but it will have to be great to keep this game close.