CatsIllustrated - Jackson Smith finally returns to Kentucky
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Jackson Smith finally returns to Kentucky

Boyle County kicker and Kentucky commitment Jackson Smith made his first visit to Kentucky in a very long time on Wednesday.

"I guess it's been almost two years," the Class of 2022 prospect said after leaving Lexington. "We took a look around the dorms and stuff like that. I think the guy said they either built new ones or renovated them all in the last four years so they're super nice.

"After that we took pictures and went onto the practice field. On Wednesday nights in the summer they cook a big meal with all the coaches, some of their wives and kids and everybody's hanging out. People were playing basketball and spike ball and all different kinds of games. Everybody was just hanging out and it was a lot of fun."

Smith hasn't wavered since his commitment to Kentucky. The staff made it clear a very long time ago that Smith would be the Cats' preferred kicker from the 2022 class, and there was a need for one.

"My dad and I are really close to Coach Matsakis and we know Chance Poore and Matt Ruffolo. They've helped out at some ProKicker camps with us before and I know them from there. I met Wilson Berry tonight. He's pretty cool. And Graham Wald is a walk-on kicker. I know a lot of them," Smith said.

Smith said it has been refreshing to have a more conventional year than everyone saw in 2020.

"I think things are pretty much back to normal. We're not as worried as we were. It was big being able to have spring ball this year because that's when a lot of guys step up. You see who's going to be a playmaker so it's definitely good to have that."

Smith said he is unsure of when his official visit to Kentucky will take place.