Harrow return closer, but timetable remains uncertain

To hear John Calipari tell it, Kentucky still doesn't know what's been wrong with point guard Ryan Harrow.
But things at least are looking better. The sophomore point guard had missed 110 of Kentucky' 120 minutes of game time this season, initially with what was described as "flu-like symptoms." He worked out Monday and was expected to practice on Tuesday.
"All they're saying is he's lost seven pounds and must have had something going on," Calipari said Tuesday. "They don't know what it was. But we will see."
Calipari said he would have to see how Harrow looked in practice before deciding on his status for Wednesday's game against Morehead State.
"He looks thin," Calipari said. "That's why I said, I don't know. I want to see him in a practice setting and start figuring out what we do, what's the timetable."
Kyle Wiltjer said he saw his teammate more often during the last couple days, although he didn't necessarily recognize him.
"I think he lost seven pounds because he's cut the flat top," Wilter said. "I just saw it yesterday and I was thrown off. It didn't even look like him."
Whether Harrow will look like himself on the court remains unknown.
Harrow was already thin to begin with, listed at 170 pounds on the official team roster.
And missing the majority of UK's first three games has put him behind his teammates.
"He's obviously the low man on the totem pole," Calipari said. "You've got to start from behind. That ain't all bad for him either because now he's going to have to fight for time. He's behind everybody, which means you've got to earn it in practice."
Calipari did say there have been some benefits to Harrow's absence. Archie Goodwin and Julius Mays spent more time running the team at point guard, and Jarrod Polson and Jon Hood played more minutes than they may have had Harrow been available.
"But I'd rather have him," Calipari said, who noted that injuries and absences happen. "The reality of it is, you'd rather go through without that kind of stuff."
If Harrow is out for Wednesday's game, UK could be more challenged to handle Morehead State's press, which is helping them force 22 turnovers per game. (UK is committing 11.7 turnover per game.)
"This is all learning," Calipari said. "We could have 30 turnovers and they beat our brains in. It could happen."
Without Harrow, the other guards are taking on a heavier share of playing time. Goodwin is averaging 33 minutes per game and Mays is averaging 32.7 minutes per game.
"(Harrow) is a very talented player, and with him back it gives us a little extra depth," Wiltjer said. "Hopefully he can just continue to get up to speed and get where we need him."