Calipari: Im loving Kentucky

In the wake of his name continuing to surface in the National Basketball Association coaching rumor mill, John Calipari took to the internet airwaves on Wednesday in an effort to reassure nervous Kentucky fans he will remain in the Bluegrass.
Speaking in an audio tweet on Calipari said he and Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart have been discussing a contract extension that would potentially keep the coach at UK for the remainder of his career. The statement came a day after reports Calipari had interest in the Chicago Bulls' coaching vacancy, in part because of a disconnect with UK administration.
"Alright everybody, calm down. Take a breath," Calipari said. "People can say whatever with rumors...let me just say I am happy to be the coach of Kentucky. I love it. I'm having a ball. It's a hard job, the hardest job I've ever had but I absolutely love it.
"Mitch approached me about 10 days ago and said, 'I want to extend your contract. I want you to be here until you retire.' I looked at him and said I'd like that but I don't want to compensation to change, I'm doing fine, but if there is anything you want to do to make this a better program for our players, our staff, I'm all for it. Let's figure it out and make it happen."
Calipari's name had previously been mentioned in the rumor mill concerning the New Jersey Nets opening, but he reiterated at the end of his audio tweet he enjoys being in the Commonwealth.
"You know what, we understand what we want to do," Calipari said. "I'm loving Kentucky."
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