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Big visit coming up for QB Scalzo

Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Cardinal Gibbons quarterback Nik Scalzo has an offer from Kentucky, has visited Lexington multiple times and has a return trip coming up soon. On top of that, he's hoping to make a decision before too long.

Will the Wildcats get good news?

Cats Illustrated caught up with the high three-star prospect to get the latest.

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Cats Illustrated: Are you still planning to attend Kentucky's spring game and what are your plans for around that time?

Nik Scalzo: Yes sir, I'm coming up there Thursday morning. I know the game is Friday. So I'll be up there all day Thursday and then Friday for the game.

Cats Illustrated: Have the coaches told you what you will be doing on that trip or will it be a pretty standard recruiting visit?

Scalzo: Thursday they're going to have a walk through so I'll be going to that. I'm going to go to the meetings with them. I'm going to look at the campus for the rest of Thursday, because I didn't get to see a lot of it before. Friday's the spring game.

Cats Illustrated: Your friend and teammate Nikolas Ognenovic just visited Boston College, another school that you've mentioned in the past. You didn't visit, so what should people read into that?

Scalzo: They're not really in it anymore. They said they're looking for a taller quarterback.

Cats Illustrated: There were some Ivy League schools that you were interested in as well. What does it mean that you evidently aren't visiting those schools in that part of the country either?

Scalzo: Well, I went to the Yale-Harvard game last year and that was really fun but this year I'm probably taking a visit to one of them in the summer. I just don't know which one yet.

Cats Illustrated: So if you plan on taking a visit up there in the summer does that mean your decision timetable has changed? Earlier you had mentioned wanting to make a decision in the spring.

Scalzo: I mean I still would like to (decide soon). It just depends on what offers I get in the spring. I would like to, yeah. I would like to (commit) before my spring game at the end of may. But if I don't then I'm not going to complain.

Cats Illustrated: Other than Kentucky are there any other schools that are recruiting you heavily?

Scalzo: Akron has been talking to me a lot, and Buffalo. I know Buffalo's coming down to our spring game. I know Coach (Darin) Hinshaw and Coach (Eddie) Gran are coming down to our practice and our spring game. We have a red and white game and a spring game.

Cats Illustrated: Going into this next trip to Kentucky are there any questions that need to be answered or do you need to ask anything that you haven't asked before?

Scalzo: I mean I don't have any questions but I think it will be good to just get a better relationship with them and to make sure that grows stronger. I'd like to meet some of the players. I know a couple that I played with last year but I'd like to meet more of them.

Cats Illustrated: Who will you be visiting with?

Scalzo: It should be me, Nik (Ognenovic), Jamari (Williams) and Vincent (Davis), too. He's picked up some offers the last couple of weeks.

Cats Illustrated: Going into the trip how high would you say your interest in Kentucky is?

Scalzo: For sure, it's high. They're top three for sure.