5th Annual Champions Bowl: Player Highlights

FT. THOMAS, KY --- The St. Luke Hospital 5th Annual Champions Bowl
was held this past Saturday, August 25th, at Ft. Thomas Highlands High
School and featured a few of Kentucky's top prep football prospects. The
Bowl featured two contests of Champions, Breathitt County (Class 2A) vs.
perennial power Beechwood (Class A), and two of Kentucky's top programs in
Louisville Male (Class 4A) vs. the rebuilding Ft. Thomas Highlands Bluebirds
(Class 3A). Some observations and photo/video on a few of these top
prospects is provided below.
Smith -- A player that many consider to be the top-rated prospect
from the Bluegrass state is Ft. Thomas Highlands star offensive lineman,
Smith. At 6-5, 295, 5.0, OT, Smith has the size and strength (400+ lb
bench, 4.46 shuttle, 29 reps x 185) necessary to play at the highest D1
level. Smith shows excellent technique and footwork at this early stage, and
is especially adept at pass-blocking. He has been offered scholarships by a
who's who list of colleges. Among Rob's top choices are Kentucky, Florida,
Penn State, Tennessee, Nebraska and Clemson.
The Kentucky Wildcats have targeted Smith as a key instate OL recruit, a
position where the 'Cats return only 9 scholarship offensive lineman in
2002. Smith could vye for early playing time at Kentucky if he chooses the
Wildcats. An outstanding student (4.0 gpa), Smith will have no problem
qualifying to play as a freshmen.
(#52) blocking on Michael Bush (#19-LB) (474KB video)
Brady -- The Kentucky Wildcats received a verbal commitment earlier
this year from Beechwood offensive lineman, Joe Brady. Joe picked Kentucky
over Ohio University and was also being recruited by Ohio State, Tennessee,
Louisville, Cinncinnati, and Vanderbilt.
Brady, a powerfully built, 6-3, 295+, 4.9, OG, certainly has the physical
size and strength (415 lb bench, 25 reps x 185) to play high D1, but will
need to shed a few pounds and get in better playing shape. Once he does that
however, Brady could be a force on the interior of the offensive line. He
has the footwork and hands to pass block and the build to be a powerful
drive blocker. Joe is an excellent student (3.5 gpa) and has already scored
an 18 on his ACT.
(#68) drive-blocking #52 in white (473KB video)
In addition to these two outstanding offensive lineman, each has a
less-heralded teammate that D1 programs need to keep an eye on. Both have
the potential to develop into outstanding offensive lineman, and both
possess excellent speed and mobility.
Jeff Reinstatler -- He hasn't received the publicity of his teammate
Rob Smith, but Ft. Thomas Highlands offensive lineman,
Reinstatler is sure to get some long looks from college programs this
year. The 6-5, 276, 5.0, OL, has the potential making of a D1 offensive
lineman. Reinstatler could easily pack on an additional 20-30 pounds, and
already has excellent quickness and speed. On one play, Jeff led the
blocking on a kickoff return 60 yards downfield.
He played LT, while Smith played RT in the Bluebird offense and was
frequently called upon to provide backside blocking against the speedy
pass-rush of the Male HS Bulldogs. Jeff is certainly a player to keep an eye
on for the 2002 recruitng period. He has received interest from a number of D1 programs including Kentucky, and is also an excellent student (3.1 gpa).
Alex Berger -- In addition to Joe Brady, Beechwood High School has
another outstanding offensive lineman that should receive D1 attention this
year. Alex Berger, a 6-7, 283, OT, has the frame to easily put on another
30+ pounds and could develop into a D1 offensive tackle. Alex has a good
attitude and work ethic, and is a very competitive player.
Berger has a good base to work with, and has good mobility for a man of his
size. Alex will need to gain some additional strength (345 lb bench, 19 reps x 185) before he is ready to
compete at the D1 level, but should accomplish that with added maturity.
Primarily played LT on offense, and some along the DL, but is best suited
for OT in college. Another one to keep an eye on in the Bluegrass state as
he develops. Alex has received interest from a number of D1 program including Kentucky, and is an outstanding student (3.8 gpa).
(#75) blocking to the outside and Brady (#68) moving the pile to the inside
open up wide running lane for Philip Ridgell (#2)(475KB video)
Philip Ridgell -- A player to keep an eye on for 2003 is Beechwood
High School athlete,
Ridgell. Ridgell, a 6-2, 196, 4.5, RB/LB, Junior, has the athletic
ability to develop into a D1 football player if he sets his mind to it.
excellent straight ahead speed, Ridgell scored on two long TD runs after
sitting out the first half after injuring his ankle on the first play of the
Likely best suited for FS or OLB, Ridgell has good size, but is still very
raw in terms of football savvy. Philip will need to develop a more physical
and aggressive approach to the game, but the Beechwood staff is expecting
big things out of Ridgell this year. It's still early, but Philip has the
athletic ability to develop into one of the Bluegrass state's top players in
2003 if he continues to progress.
Michael Bush -- Speaking of 2003, easily the top player in Kentucky
for that year, and one of the nations best, is Michael Bush out of
Louisville Male High School. Bush, a solid 6-3, 210, 4.5 athlete, could play
any number of positions on the football field, and is also one of the
nations top basketball prospects for 2003.
A man among boys at the high
school ranks, whenever Bush touched the ball, the threat of a TD was
possible and it always took several Highlands defenders to bring Michael to
the ground.
Be it offense or defense, Bush will make an impact when it is time to put on
the pads at some lucky college in 2003. The only question is whether Bush
plays hoops or football, or both. Michael is currently wanting to play both
sports in college and is heavily weighing this factor into his college
decison making process. An outstanding young man, Bush is a special prospect
that doesn't come along very often.
Not to slight anyone, it should be noted that there were a number of other outstanding players participating in these two games. Some selected other outstanding players at the 5th Annual Champions Bowl include:
Barclay, a 5-9, 175, 4.5, Senior, RB/Athlete out of Louisville Male HS.
Chris has excellent quickness and good strength for his size. Projects as
a D1 prospect for 2002.
Brandon Blackerby, a 6-3, 175, 4.7, Senior, QB out of Louisville Male
HS. Brandon has improved his skills and overall physical abilities since
last year, and is one of the top 2 or 3 instate QB prospect this
Todd Flannery, a 6-2, 150, Junior, PK out of Louisville Male HS. Gets
the ball up as quick and as high as any kicker that we've seen. Kicked a
couple of extra points over the top of the screen back into the trees, and
on kickoffs consistently had a hangtime of approximately 4.5 seconds and a
depth of around the 5 yard line. Will make someone a excellent placekicker
in 2003.