September 30, 2009

Davis talks commitment

Woodbury (NJ) Woodbury wide receiver Dyshawn Davis decided to attend college at Syracuse University on Sunday afternoon. spoke with Davis more in depth about his decision.

Davis, 6-foot-3, 190 pounds has been on a different path than many of the other division one commitments at this time. Even though he may have not had the most positive route to his decision he is happy with the way everything turned out.

"It felt great. I just came a long way. I have been working so hard to find different colleges. I was going from camp to camp looking for a place that was going to be the right fit for me. I just wanted to show colleges what I can bring to the table and no other school had given me an opportunity. Syracuse has given me a great opportunity. I guess Coach Derrick Jackson saw my highlight tape and he wanted to see a little bit more. I went to a Syracuse one day camp and showed them what I had to offer. They kept in touch with me over the summer until now and said that they were going to offer. I like the coaching staff I love the program, I have never seen another college besides Syracuse, but as of right now I am going to Syracuse no question about it."

The fact that his road to his commitment was different Davis is excited about his future and is happy to know his hard work paid off.

"I am just so excited. I was telling myself at the start of my junior year that I had to go to college. I watch these games on TV and I put myself in this situation and said that has to be me. I have to play on TV at a University I will not settle for anything else. I would not settle for a JUCO, division two, or division three I want to play division one."

There were many factors that made Davis make his choice. The most important factor was the coaches he met.

"It was just Coach Jackson and Coach Elizondo; I really felt chemistry with them. They just had a lot to offer and said how I could help out the program with my ability. They also told me that they would make me a better player. That was what I needed to hear and they gave me an opportunity that other schools were not giving me."

On his way to Syracuse on Friday Davis did not think about making a commitment, but while watching the Syracuse game against Maine the Orange fans made Davis pull the trigger.

"The fans, I was sitting down watching the game. The fans were going crazy clapping and cheering for me, they just welcomed me to their home. The fans were giving me handshakes and hugs, so I was like this is the place to be."

What kind of player will Orange fans be seeing in the future?

"First off I am bigger than most corners and usually big wide receivers are not fast, but I am. I have nice speed and on top of that I have great hands. I do not drop many balls. Syracuse fans are getting a player that brings a lot to the table, I am a playmaker, game changer, and I love football."

One of the factors that may have made for Davis to be overlooked is the fact his high school team is a run based offense. Even though his offense is not made for a receiver he has taken positives out of it.

"The offense that we run at my high school is a running offense, so I do not get the ball much. When I do get the ball though I make the best opportunities out of it as I can and I am a great blocker. I am very aggressive at wide receiver; I will hit somebody before they hit me. I will block somebody great I am just very aggressive."

This season his team is off to a decent start and Davis himself has made some big plays.

"Right now we are 1-1. We just had a bad game that is all that happened. We are going to pick it back up. In the first game I had two touchdowns off of only three touches."

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