July 3, 2009

Ready to make a statement

The Syracuse Orange have been on a roll over the last 10 days picking up five commitments. One of those players is Brooklyn (NY) Canarsie running back Steven Rene. The Empire State product made a visit to Syracuse on Tuesday and saw all he needed to see.

Rene, 5-foot-8, 173 pounds told CuseConfidential.com he is a solid verbal to Syracuse. What exactly was it about the Orange that led to Rene's commitment?

"The background of Syracuse. As soon as I got to Syracuse you see trophies of Ernie Davis and a lot of other trophies. Everything I saw was so beautiful, you see pictures and trophies all over the places they have pictures of players who are in the NFL. Everything was just very inspirational. I can see myself playing there."

Syracuse has had some great history, but there was one item that Rene saw that sealed the deal to make him a member of the Orange.

"To be honest it was one I saw the Heisman Trophy and the Ernie Davis jersey. That was one thing that really caught my attention because he was a real good running back that went to Syracuse. To see all of his stuff all over the places and it really grabbed my attention."

Ernie Davis seemed to be the theme of the visit, but it was the Carrier Dome that really stuck out. Even though the "Dome" stood out more of the legend of Davis followed.

"Going into the Carrier Dome really stood out," Rene stated. "Most colleges you see don't play in a dome and once I stepped in there I could see myself playing football in a dome full of people screaming Syracuse and banging on the bleachers. Everything just had my heart pump and I could really see myself playing there. You see the Ernie Davis jersey on top of the walls as soon as you walk in you see Ernie Davis, you see 44. It was wonderful so when I saw the Carrier Dome I could really see myself playing there."

Right off the bat Rene will join newly committed Dom Timbers as a return duo. Rene, however will look to make his name someplace else.

"I know for sure that I am going to be doing kick return and punt return besides that I have not made my decision if I will play offense or defense. They told me that it is actually up to me and where I want to play. As of now I really do not know."

When Rene spoke with CuseConfidential.com last time about his desired college position he said he felt defense was best for him. Now after a little more thought he is undecided.

"Defense may lead I could say that. Then I was talking to my coach and he asked me what position I thought would be best. I am only like 5-foot-8, so it is like being a defensive player at that height at the division one level I am going to have to do a lot of stuff like improve my vertical. I am thinking that yeah I like defense but I could go to offense and have that same defensive mentality and hit people when I am on offense. Now I am thinking I should probably stay at running back."

Offers were not flying in at the moment of his commitment as Rene held offers from Syracuse, Stony Brook, and Hofstra. Even though the big offers were not coming in yet Rene knew he had something that made him a division one prospect.

"My courage, I have a lot of courage. I have a lot of heart and courage, so I can make sure that I do not quit, no matter what happens I will not quit. If I fall I will get right back up and I won't complain. I will make sure I do my job and even if I mess up, I know everybody is not perfect, but I will have to make up for that. That is one thing that I know makes me a division one player. I am not a quitter."

One of the newest members of the Orange also had a little message for Syracuse fans on the type of player they will see for the next few years.

"They are going to see a player that is filled with enthusiasm and I will do whatever it takes to help Syracuse win and get Syracuse back on top. I am going to show that I can play football and I am going to make a statement that yes I am from Brooklyn, but I can also play football."

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