June 22, 2009

NY prospect holds SU offer

Brooklyn (NY) Canarsie running back Steven Rene has had a quiet recruiting process until recently. Just over a month ago offers started coming in for Rene and that gave him a boost during the process.

One of his recent offers came from Syracuse and he was happy to receive the offer.

"I would say that they probably offered me a month ago," Rene said of Syracuse. "When I got the Syracuse offer I was excited because Syracuse is a good school. My aunt has a friend that used to go to Syracuse and she told me a lot of good stuff about Syracuse, so I am interested."

The Orange were the first BCS school to offer the 5-foot-8, 173 pound prospect, so what did Syracuse like about Rene?

"Just the fact of how I play football, I do not quit, I'm fast, my mechanics are good. I am a tough player and I don't back down, I work hard."

Rivals.com has the Empire State product listed as a running back, but his position has yet to be defined in Syracuse.

"When they saw my film they really liked it. On my film I had both offense and defense and now they want me to play offense and defense as well as kick return. They told me that I could be an all around player. As of now I am not sure which position they want me at, but I can play any position on the field."

Rene, does have a preference on which side of the ball he would like to play on.

"I like to play defense because of the contact, I like contact. At running back you get contact, but I would rather hit somebody else. You can know your assignment, but the main thing you have to do is focus and hit."

John Anselmo is recruiting Rene for the Orange and the coach and prospect have a solid relationship so far.

"Our relationship is real good. He calls, he asks about me when he calls my coaches and everything seems like he really cares, like he really wants me at his school. He is not just making sure I am all set with football, but he checks to make sure I am all set in the class room."

A visit has not been taken to Syracuse yet so he has a limited idea of the campus, but he does think highly of the Orange coaches.

"I can't say much about the school because I have not visited yet, from what everybody is telling me and what the coaches are telling me, they show a lot of care. Every time I talk to them they make sure I am on top of my game not only for football but also for school."

Besides Syracuse a few schools are looking at Rene.

"Rutgers is showing interest, Hofstra, Stony Brook, Boston College, Maryland, Duke, and Temple," Rene said. "Hofstra and Stony Brook offered me scholarships."

Other than those schools a couple others have made his lists of favorites.

"My top schools are Syracuse, Rutgers, Hofstra, Miami, Maryland, Texas, Penn State and Oregon."

Miami, Texas, Penn State, and Oregon have not showed much interest at this time. Even though they have not come calling yet Rene plans to make contact first.

"Those schools have not sent any kind of information, but those are schools I have liked since I was a little kid," Rene stated. "I do plan on sending film to those schools. I was talking to my aunt about it and she said if I am interested in those schools then I should do that."

With three offers in hand Rene has no time frame set for a decision.

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