June 18, 2009

Bourbon takes second trip to Vandy

Bourbon quotes..

"I just got to hang out with Coach Kitchings and me and Coach Johnson talked for quite a while. He was actually the person I talked to the most. He was just mellow and talked to me and that means a lot because a lot of these camps you go to, these head coaches are busy running around, being the big man in charge. But I got to talk to him for a while. Coach Kitchings and I went around it was fun to just watch him coach and see how he did things.

2nd visit..

"The first I came down, Coach Moering was there and everybody was kind of gone because we just came by on last notice. We were actually going down to a combine in Atlanta, so we passed by and figured we'd stop by. And actually, Coach Hazel was running a half marathon and he came by and saw me and they were really interested in my size and everything. So about two weeks later, they showed up at my school with an offer and that was really cool because I wasn't expecting that.

"But this last time that I came by, everybody knew I was coming and all the coaches were there. It was good to meet them all in person and see how they actually did things. I also got the tour of the campus the first time, so piecing them together, I think I've gotten a pretty good feel for the school."


"As of right now, I don't have any set dates on anything but me and my family would like to go and see Stanford and BYU because we haven't seen those. And then, we'd maybe like to make a trip out to Manhattan to see K-State as well because those are the other schools that have offered that I have not seen."

looking for

"I hold myself to the highest standard so definitely I'm looking for a school that's going to push me academically, so I'm looking for that. Also, I obviously want to win some games too, I don't just want to go somewhere and get the tar beat out of me every week."

"I'm probably going to go in undecided, I'm not sure about anything. I do like sciences and I'm thinking some kind of sports medicine or pharamcidal or something like that."


"With me I think there's not just one thing that stands out, I think I'm pretty versatile. I would say I'm more of a hybrid type and I can do everything pretty well. The thing I think I need to work on the most is probably my blocking. I've been to all these camps and stuff, so I've picked up a lot of tricks. Already this summer, I've learned a lot about blocking that I didn't know about. I thought you just go up and block the guy, but I've learned so many tricks about how to not let him get around you, apply pressure with pressure, get that hind foot back when you feel him coming one way. So I've learned a lot and I think I've already improved it more."


"Everyone has offered as a running back except as Missouri, they said athlete. They did tell me if I wanted running back, I'd be a running back there, they told me. I'm a running back and I'll be a running back until the day I don't want to be. Some of these reporter guys say that I'll make a good linebacker or safety but all of these schools actually want me as a running back."

time table

"Originally I was going to make a decision sometime this summer, but I am going to wait until I see every one of these schools that have offered before I commit to anywhere. So I have to keep an open mind until I actually see the places because I can't compare something I have seen to something I haven't."

senior year..

"Our team's bonding really well so far. We really didn't lose many seniors. We actually lost some seniors that had caused some problems for us so I think we're going to be tough this year."

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