March 16, 2009

Does Davis have a leader?

Pittsburgh (PA) Penn Hills linebacker Myles Davis holds one offer from Syracuse that he received a couple weeks ago. caught up with Davis to get his thoughts on his offer and what he thought of the visit he took to Syracuse.

"Syracuse offered me on the Junior Day," Davis said. "I was blown away when they offered. I did not think I would get an offer when I want on the visit, but it was in the back of my mind because of the way the coaches have been talking to me and my film."

Davis, 6-foot-2, 225 pounds lives close to Pittsburgh and a Western Pennsylvania connection with the Orange is making a lasting impression.

"The Linebackers Coach Dan Conley he is from Pittsburgh and he said once he saw a Pittsburgh linebacker like me he had to jump on. He knew that other schools would be coming after me and they are. He said he wanted to be my first offer and set a big impression on me and he did."

When the Keystone State product went to Syracuse he knew Coach Conley, but on his visit the whole stuff stuck out to him.

"Basically it was the coaches that stuck out. The coaches were really nice to me and showed me a lot of interest. The facilities were amazing. I am a weight room freak and the weight room they had was amazing with a few millions dollars worth of equipment. That just sold me there."

One other part of his trip that was special was the basketball game h was able to watch.

"The basketball game was one of my favorite parts. It had a lot of people and they played Cincinnati one of my other favorite schools and the atmosphere was great. I could not help, but think what a football game is like because the basketball court only takes up a small portion of the Carrier Dome."

Right now it is early in the recruiting process, but does Davis have an early favorite?

"It is definitely Syracuse. They showed me so much attention and it shows that they really want me. It is definitely Syracuse."

How about his parents do they have a school that they favor over others at this point?

"They do not want to put more pressure on me, but my Dad really has a liking for Syracuse and my Mom does also. They got to meet the coaches and they were nice to my family."

As it stands lists Davis as an outside linebacker, but at Syracuse they are not 100 percent certain of which spot Davis will play.

"The coaches said depending on how much weight I put on from now and then. They say I can play inside and outside, it is undecided right now."

What kind of linebacker is Davis?

"If I see you coming I am going to run right through you because I have so much passion about this. I play each game like it is my last Just my my intensity and my football IQ. Is something I like to pride myself on how well I read plays and coverages."
Other than Syracuse there are a few other schools that are looking at the prospect.

"Pittsburgh, Bowling Green, Purdue, Virginia, and Cincinnati have all been showing me interest."

A decision is not expected soon, but Davis also does not plan to draw out his recruitment until the end of the process.

"I am not sure, but I will not take it as long as the National Letter of Intent Day. I am not looking to make it to soon, so I will not be asking myself what if. I am not sure right now, so I am going to just wait."

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