March 4, 2009

Jones talks visit

Johnson City (NY) Johnson City offensive guard Daquan Jones is now up to four scholarship offers and more are likely on the way. This past weekend Jones took a trip to one of those schools that had recently offered him.

"Syracuse offered me a bout a week and a half ago," Jones said. "My coach called me and told me that they offered and I was in shock. I went down there on Sunday and they thought that I was the best offensive lineman in New York State. They offered me early and they told me if I go there that I would be in a seven man rotation on the offensive line."

Jones, 6-foot-4, 302 pounds was able to finally visit the Orange campus for the first time and he had a very nice trip.

"That trip was good because I have not been there before. The coaches up there were great and they seemed like people you could talk to. I felt really comfortable, everything was great it was my first time in the "Dome" and that was crazy when we went to the basketball game."

The Empire State product says that his visit went well, but what led to the trip being so good for Jones?

"I would have to say how the coaches acted. They were really really interacting with everybody and cracking jokes and they showed who they really are and that was one thing I really liked," Jones added. "Favorite part I think was talking with some of the players, talking with Artur Jones. I also liked the basketball game and talking to the coaches after that."

Other than the visit the Orange could have one other item playing in their favor and that is location. Jones is not looking to go to far from home. He talked about the location and what that means for Syracuse.

"My interest in Syracuse is pretty high because I want to stay close to home and thats like an hour away from my home. They are pretty high because they are close to home and I am a big family person." has Jones listed as an offensive guard, but that position could change if he were to pick the Orange.

"They said that they do not know yet. I can play anywhere from offensive tackle to offensive guard."

Other than Syracuse Jones has plenty of interest coming from other Big East schools as well as ACC and Big Ten programs.

"I have the Syracuse offer, the Rutgers offer, Boston College, and Maryland. Penn State is showing interest and they want me to come down by the end of the month. My coach said that Connecticut might offer me sometime this week."

One other factor besides location that could play into his decision is the fact that one of his friends is being recruited as well right now. Jones did not say that they are a package deal, but playing together has been talked about.

"I would like to play with my friend Jordan [Thomas] we are both being recruited by some of the same schools and we talk about it all the time. Either we will be playing with each other or against each other, but most likely hopefully we will be playing together."

When it comes to thinking about making a decision Jones is not ready to make the call yet, but he has an idea of when he might.

"Hopefully in the beginning of next football season or maybe at the halfway point of the season I would like to know where I am going or at least narrow it down to two schools."

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