August 30, 2007

Development plan working for Gilchrist

August 30, 2007 - Frontcourt force senior forward Gus Gilchrist, a former Virginia Tech signee who publicly has expressed reluctance with attending that school and consequently requested a release from his letter of intent, has been hard at work diversifying his basketball skill set this spring/summer. The effort has produced tangible results.

According to Terrelle Woody, a talented trainer and Gilchrist's advisor who boasts not only high school standouts but NBA players as training clients as well, the changes in his charge's skill set are due to much hard work.

"Basically, what is really happening is he's been stretching," shared Woody of Gus' seemingly increased mobility and quickness. "It's getting him more agile. Then I have him do a lot of lower leg stuff I work him from the bottom up".

With that methodology in mind, their multi-hour sessions start with stretching and then progress to abdominal work, "curls, reverse curls, shoulder press, everything" continued Woody. "He does at least 12 different exercises, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."

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