August 19, 2013

Shaw Q&A

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Last Friday, caught up with Georgia target Elisha Shaw for a quick question and answer session.

UGASports: Can you tell us about your injury?

Elisha Shaw: "I jammed my neck in practice, working hard. Things happen. I'm just waiting to get back on the field and getting better."

UGASports: Can you tell us about your top group?

Shaw: Well, my top four or five are the same really. Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn, and FSU.

UGASports: Is that in order?

Shaw: "Yes. Georgia and Alabama are my top two."

UGASports: So can you list your top five in order?

Shaw: "That was in order. I want to throw Texas in there for sixth."

UGASports: Where are you at with recruiting? What are you doing in terms of recruiting?

Shaw: "I'm really just chilling right now and focusing on my senior season."

UGASports: Are there any games you plan to go see this fall?

Shaw: "I'm going to try to get to a couple of them. I've got to sit down and figure out which ones I want to go to."

UGASports: Talking about your top two, Georgia and Alabama, what is it that has allowed those schools to stay up there for you?

Shaw: "They are both just some great teams. They meet my standards."

UGASports: "In regards to Georgia, does the defensive line class they are bringing in affect you?"

Shaw: "Not really. It doesn't affect me. Well, it does affect because I grew up with a lot of their commitments. So that is good. Georgia is doing great in their recruiting right now. But when you think about it, so is Alabama's. It's hard."

UGASports: How hard are those two programs recruiting you right now?

Shaw: "I would say pretty hard."

UGASports: You have talked about your decision plans before but can you remind us when you will be making a decision.

Shaw: "At the Army(All-American) game (January 4, 2014).

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