April 9, 2012

Wisconsin guard in 'marry me,' stage

Brookfield (Wisc.) offensive lineman has offered a new term for this phase of the recruiting season. The 6-foot-4, 265-pound Brookfield Central linemen said right now he is working through a phase of recruitment where coaches are putting their best foot forward.

"Of the coaches I have met so far, I haven't found an approach I don't like," Homa said. "I feel like we are in the, 'marry me,' stage instead of, 'we're married.' It is all sweet and I feel like some of the shine will wear off after we get to know each other. Right now I am trying to get a feel for these people and knowing who they are and who I am going to end up with."

Homa has a line of coaches trying to "marry him," to their respective schools at this point, having collected scholarship offers from Wyoming, Iowa State, Central Michigan and Western Michigan. He has also visited Iowa, Minnesota, Central Michigan and is trying to get to Western Michigan as well as Laramie, Wyo.

For Homa, finding a coach who will relate information to him in a visual manner is a priority, as well as finding a strong engineering department and a strong connection to a strength and conditioning coach.

"For me, I want a position coach that, instead of instructing, I want them to be able to show me," Homa said. "I am a real visual learner. If it is, 'okay do it, because I said to do it,' I don't really deal well with that. It is all in different coaching styles."

Homa plays tackle for Central High School, which went 9-3 last season and earned a spot in the third round of the Wisconsin High School Playoffs. He said Central plays a spread offense which he enjoys and, finding a fast-paced offense to run in college is something he is hoping for. He added that the schools he has spoken with see him largely as an interior lineman.

"Our entire line, minus the center, is in a two-point stance," Homa said. "I really like what we run. We don't have a huddle. It allows us to press the pace of the game and tire out the defense and that is when we start breaking huge runs. I am looking for a spread or fast-paced kind of thing."

The Wyoming coaching staff will enjoy hearing Homa's interest in a fast-paced offense. However, if the Pokes hope to net Homa, they will have some ground to make up. Homa admits he doesn't know much about Wyoming yet, but is interested in changing that.

"To be honest I don't know much about them at all, but I am interested in changing that in a major way," he said. "It is a bit of a hike to get out there and I want to get out there," he said. "I am trying to work on my parents to book a flight or something. It is a long drive.

"I have (UW assistant) Coach Jim Harding recruiting me. He said with Wyoming they are graduating two tackles this year and two next year as well, so I would have the opportunity to play, possibly my freshman year," Homa continued. "It is a positive and a negative. I feel more comfortable at a place where I might redshirt my freshman year to get use to the college, the program and my surroundings, but I don't want to say I wouldn't want to play my freshman year. It is tough to sit out and watch other guys play."

A commitment by Homa may come as early as Sept.

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