January 5, 2012

OL likes to compete

ATLANTA - Offensive linemen are often difficult to project from the high school to the college level.

Some of the biggest, best looking athletes at the position often end up struggling at the position while a guy that is smaller and less impressive ends up being a star.

Although talent on the offensive front can sometimes be tough to pinpoint, some guys are unmistakably born to play the position.

Walton center Brandon Kublanow is a prime example.

At 6-foot-3 and 290 pounds and the undeniable physical appearance of an offensive lineman, Kublanow is an imposing figure when he takes the field for Walton, but during the Georgia Rising Seniors week, he found himself in an unfamiliar position.

"I'm usually the biggest guy out there when I'm on the field," said Kublanow. "But this week, I'm the smallest. Our offensive line with the West is huge."

The offensive linemen for the West may be bigger than the Walton star, but few, if any of them, are stronger or more intense.

Kublanow bench presses and impressive 430 pounds, and is known for his mean streak in the middle.

"I work hard out there," he said. "I just like to get after it and finish my blocks."

The Peach State center also enjoys competition.

"This week has been great competing with these guys," said Kublanow. "These guys are big and strong, and I've been impressed with some of the defensive linemen, but it is a good challenge."

Kublanow holds offers from his two home state schools in Georgia Tech and Georgia, and has two other offers from Vanderbilt and Duke.

One of those offers, however, is a bit distinct, for multiple reasons.

"I would no say anyone is a leader right now. I like Georgia. I like Georgia Tech. I like Duke and Vandy," said Kublanow. "I really like Georgia and I grew up liking them. It's cool to be recruited by them and have a chance to go there now. Growing up, Georgia was all over the place. I grew up in East Cobb, and everyone there is a Georgia graduate."

Everyone always wants to know when a recruit will make a decision, and the Marietta native has a very good idea of when he will make his college choice known.

"I want to make my decision at the beginning of next year," he said. "I want to do it right after the season starts next year."

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