December 22, 2010

JUCO OT heads back to SU

As the beginning of fall camp drew near many of Syracuse's 2010 commitments were on campus ready to go. One of those prospects that was ready to go, but could not was Louiszell Alexander. Now it has been a few months and Alexander is ready to give it a go once again.

"I am excited, very excited. I am just hungry again to get on the field and show my talents and show people that west coast guys can live up to the hype and all that. I am just excited I am all around excited to get another chance to play ball at a great school."

Despite not being listed as a member of the 2011 class Alexander has still been keeping in touch with the coaches like he is still an un-committed prospect.

"I have been talking with Greg Adkins a lot and Coach Nathaniel Hackett. Coach Hackett came out to see me a few weeks ago and we talked for a long time. I was able to see what kind of person he was and he understands me."

While he remains in contact with coaches he also stays in touch with a few of the people he really clicked with in his short time a Syracuse this summer.

"I am in touch all the time. I have to keep that close bond with those guys. Those are the guys that showed me the ropes when I was there. I have to say that Andrew Lewis, Bud Tribbey, Tombe Kose, and Deon Goggins are some of the guys that really clicked. Outside of football those are my good friends."

Since he has not been playing football he still has remained active making sure he is ready for what division one football will toss his way.

"I have just been working and I have just been focusing on natural movements more flexibility. The strength part for me is going to come because I am strong already. I just really want to work on my agility. I used to just focus on my strength, but now I just focus on my all around athletic ability and bring that with the strength."

What exactly has the big offensive line prospect been doing in the weight room?

"I have been doing a lot of RDL's. What that basically is, you take a dumbbell reach down to the opposite foot and that works out your hamstring, flexibility in your knee, and things like that. I have also been doing a lot of cleans with low weights just to get the movement down. I have also been doing some push jerks, some other workouts for legs, and the traditional bench."

There are still a couple weeks before he is on campus, but he is all set for his departure.

"I leave for Syracuse on January 14th. I want to get there on that Friday before south campus opens back up so I can get my apartment all set."

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