June 6, 2010

Rene ready to make an impact

John Kinder might be the name that a lot of people are looking at in this game, but there is another Orange prospect making noise as well. That player is Steven Rene and after a tough week of practice he is ready to play.

"They have put us through a lot of drills, conditioning, running, and just run the plays to make sure we have them all down. We are getting used to everything; we are going to be alright."

On the opening night of practice Rene was with the running backs, but it did not take long for Head Coach Joe Vito to move him around. On Sunday you will see Rene in the back field and lined up as a receiver. For Rene he wouldn't have it any other way.

"I'm an athlete. I can't stick at only one position because I know for a fact that I could play any position on the field. That is why I call myself an athlete and that is why they move me around."

Despite being able to play many positions one sticks out for Rene and his reasoning for picking the position is something a player of his size is usually not fond of.

"I would say running back is my favorite position because I like the contact, I love the contact no matter how big you are I love the contact."

The New York City product not only caught the eye of his coach with his on field ability, but a future teammate as well.

"I can describe Steven Rene in one word and that is explosive. His speed is just incredible and I can't wait to see him take one around the corner for a touchdown," John Kinder said of his teammate.

Kinder also added a little more about what he like about Rene.

"His versatility is definitely something that stands out about him and his ability to move sideline to sideline."
With great impressions made and a solid week of practice Rene will put the praise he has received behind him and get ready to show Syracuse fans what kind of player they are getting.

"My expectation for this game is that this is going to be a big game a real hard game, but we are going to get after it and do what we do."

After the game on Sunday ends Rene will have less than a month before he is back in Syracuse taking classes and getting ready for the season. He has some lofty expectations set for himself to silence critics and get on the field.

"To be honest I am just going to ball out when I get up here. There are a lot of people who doubt freshmen, but in my mind I am going to be good, more than good."

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