May 19, 2010

The journey begins Friday

Norwalk (CA) Cerritos C.C. defensive tackle Deon Goggins signed his letter of intent to play football for Syracuse in February. Now the time has come for Goggins to pack up and leave California for the east coast.

"Just excitement man that is how I am feeling, it is a big accomplishment for me to get a scholarship to go play football. It is more excitement than anything.

Football is not the only thing he I looking forward to.

"I am looking forward to the school and the history of the school and the whole culture shock for me. I am from the west coast and the east coast it totally different. I am ready to get into Newhouse because on my visit that was one of the biggest highlights for me. I can't wait to get in the classroom and get everything going."

Goggins, 6-foot-2, 280 pounds has been in contact with a couple of his future teammates. The two teammates that he has talked with have become good friends during this process.

"Andrew Lewis is going to be my roommate and Mikhail Marinovich another Cali boy. I have been training with his father. I keep in contact with those guys and I talk with Stephen Brown a lot who is a graduate assistant."

One other person from Syracuse that the defensive tackle has heard from is strength and conditioning Coach Will Hicks. Hicks has sent a workout plan to Goggins who also does his own workouts as well.

"Coach Hicks sent me my workouts and I have been doing a whole bunch of other stuff like running on top of the Syracuse workouts and I have been training with the great Marv Marinovich and that is really keeping me in shape."

Since Goggins picked the Orange back in February he has been wearing the colors around town and getting a lot of attention for it.

"I get a lot of good feedback Coach Marrone wasn't lying when he was recruiting me and told me that there was a lot of alumni out here and a lot of people from Syracuse out here as well. Every time someone sees me in my Syracuse gear they are either from there, went to school there, or they were born and raised there and moved out here. It is different because everything out here is Pac 10, when I walk around with my Syracuse gear I am different and that is what I like to be."

When Goggins steps foot on the Carrier Dome turf he will not be looking like your typical defensive lineman. The reason is not because he is a former tailback turned defensive tackle, but rather the number he will be wearing.

"I got my number already I can't wait," Goggins said. "I am going to be wearing thirteen. They always talk about what sets you apart at the next level, so it is an identity for me. With the thirteen you don't really get to many cats on the line with low numbers it is always like ninety-five or something like that. I wanted to start with a different number and an odd number at that."

What exactly was the thought process that had the powerful defensive tackle ending up with such an odd number for his position?

"Number forty four is a great number at Syracuse. I want to make history and have a legendary number as well. When you first think of thirteen you think of Friday the thirteenth, horror movies, or bad luck. That is what I want to be for the opposing team. I am going to be the worst nightmare for the offensive line and the quarterback.

This Friday is the day that journey officially begins as Goggins leaves California for New York.

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