February 3, 2010

Goggins ready to run through walls for SU

Norwalk (CA) Cerritos C.C. defensive tackle Deon Goggins took a visit to Syracuse in the middle of January and he came away so impressed that a couple weeks later he knew they were the right school for him.

"I committed and I feel good about Syracuse. I really feel good about Syracuse. I feel that it is the best fit for me as a JUCO guy coming into a University that fits me. I fit the Syracuse scheme and I am real close with the other defensive linemen on the team and other guys on the team. I feel good about it and there is no second guessing, no regrets," Goggins said. "It was about more about where I can go and play and where I feel good at and where I can feel home the most."

Other than Syracuse what schools made it along with Syracuse as his finalists?

"Every school that was recruiting I had interest in. I just did not narrow it down two one or two schools I evaluated every school that was looking at me. Like I said in the past any school that was open to evaluate me I was open to evaluate them. "

With schools like Southern California, Oklahoma, Baylor, and Washington State trying to get Goggins as well there were a few items that made the Orange stuck out over the others.

"What stood out about Syracuse more than the other schools was the opportunity there outside of football. It is an opportunity outside of football because of what I want to go to school for. Not only that, but there is a lot of history at the school and I want to be a part of that. My expectations coming into Syracuse is not to come in as the high recruited defensive tackle that's not me. I want to come in and be a contributor just like everybody else on the team. I want to be a part of a family a part of some warriors that are going to be ready to go out on the battlefield and make things happen for Syracuse. I am ready."

When Goggins finally put everything together and came out knowing he would pick Syracuse the first person at Syracuse he called was not one of his coaches, but someone else he met on the Syracuse staff.

"Actually before I even called the coaches and told them. I told their Grad Assistant Stephen Brown because we became close and I called him before I called Coach Marrone, Coach Adkins, Coach Shafer, or Coach Jimmy Brumbaugh," Goggins said. "I called Coach Marrone first. Out of all the head coaches that called me Coach Marrone and I talked on the phone a lot and it was not about if I was coming to his school or not, but more like talking with an older uncle or mentor we just talked. The conversations were not about me going there it was just very genuine conversation. It was like he had watched me grow up all my life."

Before entering the JUCO ranks Goggins was a big tailback and not a defensive lineman. The fact that he can still learn the position at Syracuse is something that he is really looking forward to.

"I am looking forward to coming in and getting more fundamental about the game, learning more technique, and getting faster and stronger. I am looking forward to going through the good and the bad with the team to get what we have to get and that is a bowl and a Big East championship. I am really pumped."

There may have been some uneasy feelings by Syracuse fans since the Goggins official visit during mid January. The feelings of would he come to Syracuse or not have been squashed and Goggins has a message for his new fans.

"I would like the Syracuse fans to know first off that just because I was a Cali boy does not mean I was going to go to the other big schools that were recruiting me. I was reading the forums and I could see that the fans were a little skeptical just because other schools were looking at me and I want them to know that I am coming. I am coming and I will be ready to make an impact in the city of Syracuse and the school."

The new Orange defensive tackle also had an extra bit to say about what he likes about his new school.

"Syracuse was that feeling, I just knew. I am pumped I am really pumped so I can't wait to be part of a legacy with Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, Donovan McNabb, Keith Bulluck, and Dwight Freeney. I would love to be part of that legacy and add to that legacy and really put Syracuse back on the map," Goggins said. "I am ready to play for Coach Marrone, Coach Brumbaugh, and Coach Shafer. I am ready to run through a wall for those coaches. We built a good relationship and they did not pressure me."

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