February 3, 2010

Hickey ready to wear Orange

Murrysville (PA) Franklin Regional offensive tackle Sean Hickey was torn between three schools for the final months of the recruiting season. When all was said and done Hickey ended up picking the Syracuse Orange.

Even though the recruiting process can be fun it can also have outside factors at times that cause it to take a backseat to everyday life.

"It was almost like a three way coin flip. I was struggling with this decision for awhile and the reason it took so long was because I had two people very close to me pass away within one month of each other. Then another one of my family members became very ill and it took my mind off of recruiting. "

Hickey, 6-foot-6, 280 pounds was down to the Orange along with Illinois and Boston College and with all the teams being so close the final decision came down to instincts.

"In the end it came down to where did I feel most comfortable and it was more of a gut feeling. In the end it was just my gut feeling about Coach Marrone and I just followed my gut."

During the process Hickey did not intend for his process to last until signing day, but even though he did that did not change the excitement level of the Orange coaches when he called them to say he was ready to dawn a Syracuse jersey.

"I called Coach Marrone on Monday morning and I told him that I was coming, he then kind of screamed and you could tell that he was really relieved. After that he said "Sean are you kidding with me." and I said no I am not. Then he ran upstairs to Coach Adkins and they were both extremely happy. After that he told me "Sean you are one person I never want to play poker with" and they were happy and I was happy."

When exactly did the Keystone State product know that he would be heading to Syracuse?

"All three of the schools I was really happy with, but I say for about two weeks I have had this gut feeling about Syracuse," Hickey said. I was close with the coach's at all three schools and it just had to ask myself where do you wanted to be for the next four to five years and I just felt that in my gut it was Syracuse. In the end it was Syracuse and I just rolled with it."

While Hickey prepares to get ready to head to Syracuse in the summer he has an idea of what he is looking forward to right when he gets to campus.

"Really all I am going to try and be the best offensive lineman that I can be. Coach Adkins believes that I am very special. They were the first to offer which was a good sign. He just said that when I come in that you will come in and compete and be one of the top guys. He also said if I am not ready they will redshirt me, it is just in my hands. My goal is just to be the best lineman I can be."

Now that the two star prospect has been told that his immediate future as a member of the Syracuse Orange lies in his hands he is making sure he is ready.

"I have been working out five days a week lifting, two days a week agilities, and three basketball games a week since football ended. I am just going to keep working like that this summer when I get on campus.

Besides working out he has to get ready for the jump from high school football to division one college football at a BCS program. That big jump will make a prospect adjust to the new style.

"The two things that I believe will be the biggest adjustments will be speed and the mental part of it. In high school I knew my high school play book inside and out, we ran a zone scheme with a lilt bit of power and it was like second nature to me," Hickey said. "I always pride myself on giving all I have to benefit the team and then I will just work to get myself better. I want to be the best that I can be and I am never going to settle."

With that being said Hickey wants Syracuse fans to know that he is serious about giving his all on the football field.

"This is the first time I said publicly and the schools already know. I said I had one torn shoulder my junior year, I actually had two that were torn. Besides the shoulders I had a high ankle sprain and despite that I never stopped playing. I am going to be out there no matter what giving everything I have for the team and I am never going to quit."

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