January 18, 2010

Goggins talks SU visit and offer

Norwalk (CA) Cerritos C.C. defensive tackle Deon Goggins took a visit to Syracuse over the weekend. The junior college defensive tackle did not carry an offer during the trip, but after that changed.

"Syracuse did offer me a scholarship. It felt great to get the offer. All of the offers that I have received and all the schools that are recruiting me, I really appreciate it all. I feel that I am blessed and it is a blessing to even have these schools looking at me."

Goggins, 6-foot-2, 280 pounds went on his visit to Syracuse with no expectations of the school and what he saw at the school impressed him.

"Overall, it was great. I really like the school a lot and the school has a lot of history behind it. Not only does it have history behind it, but the academic side is excellent especially for what I want to go to school for. What I want to go to school for is computer animation, photography, and communications. What sets Syracuse apart from all of the other schools recruiting me is the academics side of the school."

With communications being something that he would like to take a closer look at in his next college destination a campus tour of the communications schools was one of his favorite parts of his trip as well as dinner with the Orange coaches and their families.

"My favorite part of the trip was the campus tour of the Newhouse building and then the dinner with the coaches and their families. That was probably my favorite part of the trip because you got to see how the coaches interact with each other and each others families and the hosts, who were players who came back early."

Despite the fact that there was not a Syracuse basketball game for Goggins to enjoy the Orange fans made an impact on his visit.

"I would have to say the fan base [stuck out]. I was actually on the plane going to Syracuse and there was a guy who asked me if I was from there. I told him no and that I was on a recruiting trip. He then asked me what position I played, I said defensive line and he actually asked me if I was Todd [Chandler] or Deon. I liked that because I did not expect the fan base to be that involved with the sports."

Syracuse does not have many players on their roster from California, but one player from the state hosted Goggins and it was an unexpected surprise.

"My host was Mikhail Marinovich. Mikhail and I hit it off real well, two California boys. I actually trained with his father a couple of times and I never knew that Mr. Marinovich had a son around my age that even played college football or that he was even at Syracuse. It was a big coincidence, so we hit it off well and everything was cool."

On the visit the running back turned defensive tackle finally met new Orange defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbuagh and like the meeting with Marinovich the two hit it off.

"Man, Coach Brumbaugh man, he called me up before I went on the trip and after talking with him on the phone I was eager to meet him. Once I got to meet him, he is a real good coach and he was taught by the best and he was an All-SEC player. I did my research on him and he really knows his stuff," Goggins said."What I really like about him is that he loves to teach and I love to learn. He is a real technician guy so he likes to teach technique. You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink and that is how Coach is. On a coaching aspect I love his philosophy on having technique and how technique can help you a long way. He is a good coach."

Before the visit to Syracuse Goggins did not have much to say about the school because he had not visited, so after the trip what are his thoughts on the Big East Program?

"Now that I have taken the visit I think I respect the history of the school more than what you see on TV out here in California. When you think of Syracuse you think of the movie The Express, Donovan McNabb, Dwight Freeney, Rob Moore, and guys like that," Goggins also added. "They [Syracuse] are in my top three."

A decision is not expected for a couple more weeks from Goggins. With the time in between his Syracuse visit and a decision he has a plan for his final weeks as an uncommitted prospect.

"My plans for the next couple of weeks are to still be patient and evaluate because this is a decision that is going to change my life. I want to make the right decision and something I will be comfortable with and will not regret."

While Goggins is evaluating his options more schools will be stopping by to talk with him.

"I have talked with Washington State since I have been home and they are going to come out tomorrow and visit."

Even though the California product has offers from all over the country will he be willing to travel for school or would he like to stay on the west coast?

"Actually no [location] it will not, I am not your average west coast kid. I like to be different and I am different and everybody in LA that plays sports says that I want to play ball and I want to play in the Pac-10 and the Pac-10 is all west coast. For me to keep it real I am going to go to a school where I feel comfortable at. I don't care if it is in Timbuktu or down south if I visit there and I like it and I am comfortable I want to play because I can adjust to anything and I am not afraid of change."

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