December 9, 2009

Hickey goes in depth about SU visit

Murrysville (PA) Franklin Regional offensive tackle Sean Hickey took his final official visit of three to Syracuse over the weekend. The big lineman talked in depth about his visit with

"It was a good time I enjoyed it a lot."

Hickey, 6-foot-6, 280 pounds was hosted on his visit by freshmen offensive lineman and Pennsylvania native Justin Push.

"My host was Justin Pugh. We got along well. He was a great host and I got along with him great, he was a good guy," Hickey said. "We talked about how the program is headed in the right direction and the difference from high school to college. We also talked about how the coaches coach and things like that."

The trip to Syracuse was to make sure he was comfortable at the school and the surrounding environment. Did the trip get that job done?

"I can see myself being there which was the purpose for the visit to see if I can fit in here and can I succeed here. On the trip I learned that I can fit in and I know I can succeed there."

With that being said the favorite part of his trip was seeing the people he was around and the direction the new Orange coaches have the team headed.

"Just being around the people was great. All of the people were down to earth which is great when you look into a school. You want to see yourself fitting in and I could definitely see myself fitting in. The coaches are first class people and Coach Marrone is a fantastic coach as well as his other coaches. I would just say being around the people and knowing that this program is heading in the right direction."

Being from a pro sports town like Hickey is it was a little different for him to see how much Syracuse athletics meant to the city.

"The one thing that sticks out for me is that when you go there it is all Syracuse and Syracuse athletics. I live in Pittsburgh and I have been a pro guy growing up. The Steelers are number one and college teams around here are second and they will never get front page in the paper or anything like that, it is always pro teams. Up at Syracuse it is just Syracuse and everybody is so into the program, it is such a rich history and once it gets back on track it is going to be rocking."

After having a great visit to Syracuse was there any thought of making a commitment to the Orange?

"No, I went in with the same mentality that I had on all my visits. I do not want to make a decision based off of a quick emotion or anything like that. I wanted to go see it and it was great and it was a fantastic visit. Now I just want to sit back for a couple days and let it sink in and then go from there."

On the trip to Syracuse it was a little different than his previous trips to Illinois and Boston College.

"They were a little different because of the situation. I went to Boston College and Illinois during my season, so I would wake up at like two in the morning on Saturday go to the airport fly out and be exhausted. They were great visits, but I was so tired and my Saturday was packed and by nine on Saturday I am ready to fall asleep. This one was different because I got there on Friday and I got to hangout on Friday, Saturday we did most of the touring and things like that, and then on Sunday I talked with Coach Marrone. On those two other visits I was the only official I was not on this one and I got to hang around with other recruits which was cool. That was a different perspective that I did not get on the other two visits."

That visit with Doug Marrone was very important for Hickey and it seemed to ease some pressure the Keystone State product had about the recruiting process.

"We talked with each other for about forty minutes; it was myself, my mother, Coach Conley, and Coach Marrone. We were all talking about the recruiting process and they want me to come to Syracuse and they have wanted that for awhile now. They were telling me that they want me to come, but they said that there was no pressure. That is what I loved about this trip is that there was no pressure and I just went up and took everything in."

Now the question is will a commitment from Hickey be coming soon?

"I am going to be taking a couple days and later on in the week we will decide what the next course of action will be."

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