November 24, 2009

Spruill has a leader

Fork Union (VA) Fork Union Military Academy inside linebacker Marquis Spruill was fully qualified to play college football out of high school, but he felt he needed one more year to get looks from bigger schools. Now he has offers in hand with others showing interest.

Spruill, 6-foot-1, 220 pounds took an official visit to Syracuse over the weekend. The Orange came in with an offer a few weeks ago, but they have known about the prospect for awhile.

"They offered me when I was down at Fork Union I don't exactly remember the date. Last year though they came to my high school, but they had used up all of the scholarships so they did not offer. This year I was down in Fork Union and they could offer me."

The Orange came in with the offer and the three star prospect has grown fond of the Orange.

"I was glad when I got the offer. Syracuse is not a bad school and since I have taken my visit I like it."

There was a lot more that he liked on his visit as well.

"My favorite part was meeting all of the coaches and players," Spruill said. "It was great. I met a lot of people from players to coaches and everybody was cool."

One item that took him by surprise was the academic standards that Syracuse has.

"I did not know that Syracuse was one of the top academic schools in the nation and that is good. After you get that degree you will be set."

On his visit he was also treated to one of the best Syracuse football games in the past five years. The play of the Orange looked especially great if you were a defensive prospect. Even though the play may have shocked some the 48th ranked prep school player knew what was coming from the defense.

"That was a real great game it was intense the defense was really going at it." Spruill stated. "That was amazing. Coach told me that he would put you in a position to make plays and that is what he did against Rutgers and it worked."

During his visit when he was meeting the Syracuse players they were telling him that things are changing in Syracuse and that they are changing for the better.

"The players all said that it is going up and it is going to keep going up until they get to bowl games and championships."

It seems that Spruill had a nice time on his trip, but what is it about the prospect has the Orange interested?

"Coach Shafer said that I have love for the game and they have seen my film and they know what I can do. They said I fit the defense that they run and they like how I would fit into the blitzing schemes and all that. They also said if I go there that I could play that year."

During his time at Syracuse did Spruill have thoughts about pulling the trigger and giving a commitment to the Orange?

"I was thinking that a lot because it is a nice place. The people are nice and diverse, the academics are good, and the team is great. "

In the near future Spruill had some visits set up, but there might be some changes to his schedule.

"I set up a visit to Toledo and I think I am going to go ahead and cancel that. I was supposed to go to Connecticut, but the funny thing is that they sent something in the mail and they play Syracuse and that is the game they want me to come to."

Despite not making a commitment to the Orange Spruill does have a clear leader right now.

"I would have to say Syracuse is my leader."

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